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There are times people need the expertise of a good Lawyer. One of the main mistakes a person can make is to try to clear their own name or solve their legal problem without the help of proper legal counsel, or try to recover damages without proper help. A good lawyer can be secured for your specific situation with some proper research.






Some situations where you might need a good Lawyer would be: 

  • DWI – DUI Lawyer
  • Criminal Defense Lawyer
  • Discrimination Lawyer
  • Immigration Lawyer
  • Bankruptcy Lawyer
  • Divorce Lawyer
  • Collections Lawyer
  • Tax Lawyer


Many times when a person is looking for a good lawyer, their idea is that they can benefit from a case going to trial. In other words, going to trial would be an advantage in their favor against an individual, company, or corporation for the individual’s loss. Not every case will have to go to court. Many out-of-court settlements are reached by lawyers simply because they know how the law applies in your particular case and can save you money with their experience and expertise.

At Malouf & Associates, our priority is to make sure our clients are well represented.

If we are unable to represent you, we will assist you locate the attorney who can best handle your particular case.  Please call us with any of your Criminal, Immigration, Discrimination, Landlord-Tenant, Breach of Contract or Divorce and we will make sure to help you locate an attorney that can best represent your interests.